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Products from the Sawmill


We produce regular builders’ timbers in softwood and a variety of dimensions, e.g.

4” by 2”, 6” by 2”, 2” by”2, or to customers’ orders.

We can also supply planed shiplap, tongued/grooved timbers and we can supply decking (softwood such as Douglas Fur or Spruce).

We can supply Waney Edge Boards for pony and small livestock shelters, at very reasonable prices. Details see under Other Services.

We produce planed shiplap for cladding sheds, tounged grooved timbers for flooring, rusticdoors and we can supply decking from softwood such as Douglas (excellent quality) or spruce (standard quality). Slab wood is turnd into planks which are irregular in shape and carry some bark when appropriatly treated they have a great rustic look at a very affordable price, contact us for further details.