View from cottage

Renewable Energy Projects

For a while now we have been working on generating sufficient power to run our sawmill and timber enterprise. In late 2013 we decided to install solar panels, and in January 2014 the construction work for this started. The panels are fitted onto the roof of the sawmill building, and so far this year we have generated more power than we need to run the saws. The surplus is fed into the net, and is creating an additional income.

Solar Panels

We are in the process of also utilising the water which used to drive the mill wheel at Orielton Mill in the past centuries. From the 1970s until 2004 the water was used to feed our fish hatchery and ponds at Orielton Mill, when it was part of the three units making up Pembrokeshire Fish Farms. The fish hatching operations ceased in 2004, the fish ponds are being filled in and the pond site will revert back to pasture, just as it was when the water mill was operating many years ago.

Our Archimedes Screw has now been fully refurbished and has been installed. Also a generating building has been erected to house meters and other electrical gizmos safely, and it all looks very promising. We just need rain now, to increase water flow and then we can start generating. We hope to at least heat our house with the energy produced.

Archimedian Screw Location Location Location

Regrettably our wind turbine project has had to be shelved – during the all important bat survey at the site it was discovered that we had five (!!) species of bat visiting the location on a regular basis.

So until there is more information on these little creatures and their interaction with wind turbines forthcoming, we will not go ahead with the turbine.

We do wonder how they coped with windmills in years gone by...

Wind Turbine


It is our aim to reduce our carbon foot print as much as possible, and still produce quality work at our sawmill, as well as rearing high welfare livestock.