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Other services and products

Contract Sawing:

We can convert your tree trunks into valuable and useful timber, such as planks, beams or boards. Bring your tree trunks to our saw yard, and tell us how you want them cut. Then collect your order, sawn and banded and ready for storage. Saw-time and trimming charged on an hourly basis, with very reasonable rates. Please try to ensure that there are no nails / staples or metal brackets in the timber.

Tree Felling:

Contact us for quotes, we fell, chip your woodwaste and tidy up afterwards.

Please note - we are not tree surgeons and will not carry out tree surgery.

Waney Edge Boards:

Bark on boards one inch thick. 3 metre lengths, down to 1 metre. Competitively priced. Come and see and choose what you need.

Potato Boxes:

For some time we have been fabricating bulk 1-tonne capacity potato storage boxes. They are made of high grade redwood timber (larch or douglas fur) and are widely used in the potato and vegetable growing and marketing industry.

We pride ourselves on the workmanship and quality of our boxes and are delighted that we have been recently accredited with the British Standard 7611 : 1992, Class 8 classification which clears our boxes for safe 8-high stacking in storage.

Protect yourself and your business by sourcing your safe potato boxes from Orielton Mill - and save yourself £££s on haulage - we are located in Pembrokeshire!

We also fabricate feed bins to customers' specifications, to BS 7611 : 1992, stackable and movable with forklifts or tele-handlers. Ring us for quotes!


  • Sawdust - very useful for bedding for livestock - farmers, please note. You may collect small quantities for pets free of charge.
  • Wood chips - Very popular and usually available.
  • Firewood - Hardwood logs, cut to your requirements and delivered! 1.5 cubic meter and 3 cubic meter loads - order early to ensure supply. We can also supply kindling.